MTA Small Business Programs – A Gold standard for Creating MWDBE opportunities


Under the innovative and effective leadership of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, MTA Chairman and CEO, Tom Prendergast and the entire MtA Board, the MTA programs for MWDBEs have set the standard for innovation and accountability that has served as a model for public procurement. the MtA Small Business Development Program (SBDP), the MtA Small Business Mentoring Program (SBMP) and the  MTA Small Business Federal Program (SBFP) are dedicated to providing smaller construction firms with the skill sets, knowledge and understanding of the construction requirements necessary to grow and penetrate this vital and expansive transportation marketplace. the MtA also works directly with the City to allow graduates of the City’s Compete to Win program to participate in the MtA’s SBMP.

“in a very short period of time, the MTA team created and implemented a program that is responsive and business friendly. the MTA’s SBDP is establishing the benchmark for small business success within the construction and transportation industries. the program is focused on eliminating the barriers to entry and creating contract opportunities for small businesses, including Minority, Women- Owned and Disadvantaged Business enterprises. the program is also focused on reducing our construction costs while increasing job creation and economic development opportunities within the 14 counties we serve,” said Michael Garner, Chief Diversity Officer for the MTA.

The program serves as an economic engine within the small business community. During the first three years  of the program, 1,270 jobs were created within the MTA’s 14-county service region and, specifically the MWBE community. 90 projects were awarded in the first three years of the program, totaling $52.9 million. 59 (66%) of these projects were awarded below the engineers’ estimates, and yielded over $4.9 million in cost savings. Since program inception through July 31, 2013, 90 contracts were awarded to SBMP contractors who now serve as prime contractors; over 75% of these projects were awarded to new York State- certified MWBes and MTA-certified DBEs.


The MtA Small Business Development Program (SBDP) has received numerous awards for its innovative approaches and accomplishments to foster small business growth and inclusion in the transportation industry. the program itself has been recognized by the new York & new Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council and Anchin, a regional accounting firm. In spring, 2012, the U.S. Small Business Administration named Garner as Minority Small Business Champion of 2012 for new York State, in large part for his work assisting in the creation of the MtA’s Small Business Mentoring Program. in addition, in April, 2013, Mr. Garner was awarded by Women Construction Owners and executives (WCOe) at the organization’s  national conference in Washington D.C. – Women Build America – for his efforts to empower women in construction.


In 2012, in conjunction with the White House, the United States Federal transit Administration (FTA) approved the MTA’s regional Small Business Mentoring Program. the program is the nation’s first regional small business mentoring program and is the model for economic development success, regional job creation, cost effectiveness and innovation.

The program helps firms to enter the transportation industry and grow their ability to participate on federally-funded transportation projects. the first contracts made through the SBFP were awarded in 2013. the program provides direct prime construction contracts up to $3 million.

In its first year, the MTA Small Business Federal Program (SBFP) awarded six contracts totaling $9.6 million to participating Disadvantaged Business enterprises and created over 230 jobs.