Diversity Agenda is committed to providing you news, information, educational resources about how to apply diversity best practices to grow your company’s management team, its workforce and your business opportunities.

Research confirms and smart business pros know there is a tangible return on investment for implementing diversity programs. And the growing shift in the public sector to require greater diversity procurement opportunities is setting the diversity bar higher.

So why Diversity Agenda?
Diversity Agenda is a new online and quarterly print publication that intends to bring you the latest information on diversity best practices both in your own company and the way in which you recruit diverse small businesses to participate in larger projects.

The publication will bring you news, video interviews and online training.

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Yes, we are new, and we want to engage with you. We invite your stories and news of how your company is implementing diversity in its organization as well as your business plan. Just email us at info@diversityagenda.com with your ideas and news.

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